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Remote diagnostic with Fume Hood Master

Waldner has developed the FUME HOOD MASTER as a digital solution to global pandemic situations.  The Fume Hood Master (FHM) can quickly and reliably perform remote diagnosis on Waldner fume hoods under the guidance of a Waldner expert. This is essential when global markets are under tremendous travel restriction pressures.

Waldner - Your expert for Remote diagnostic

In the event of a fume hood malfunction, the initial diagnosis can be carried out with Fume Hood Master in shortest possible time. Guided by an external Waldner expert, the operator requires minimal technical knowledge to connect and use the Fume Hood Master. If replacement parts are needed, they can be identified by the initial diagnosis and delivered in advance of the repair work.

This leads to faster reactions in case of malfunctions, reduction of unplanned downtimes and a high "first time fix rate" to reduce customer costs.

Fume Hood Master
Waldner. Competent digital service with the Fume Hood Master
Technical support
Technical support

Find out what features the Fume Hood Master contains and how it can be used.

Fume Hood Master - Field of application

The FHM is a remote diagnostic interface, which establishes a worldwide connection between the Waldner expert and the various control and monitoring units on fume cupboards via an integrated mobile radio router or by enabling a network connection with Internet access. The Waldner expert can then carry out a software check of the system, take corrective action and define spare parts if necessary.

The Fume Hood Master contains the following components:

  • Augmented Reality Glasses - For real-time transmission (PTP = Point To Point) of video and sound between users and experts
  • Remote Diagnostic Interface - Provides the connection to the various control and monitoring units on fume cupboards
  • Measuring device with hot-wire anemometer and differential pressure sensor - Measuring device for checking the inflow velocity and volume flow at the working area of the sash
  • Fog Pen - an electronic smoke test tube for visualizing air flows
  • Including a hotline flat rate for communication with the Waldner expert - availability 24/5

Fume Hood Master - Connection

The Fume Hood Master can be connected in three simple steps without any specialist knowledge:

  • Definition of the control and monitoring equipment used
  • Establishing the connection with the Fume Hood Master
  • Contact the Waldner Service Team for further guidance 

Fume Hood Master - Equipments

You can purchase the Fume Hood Master in various configurations:

  • Fume Hood Master Basic - this Basic equipment includes a guest access to establish a video connection via the customer's cell phone, the Hotline Support Flat and the Remote Diagnostic Interface. This enables remote access to the control components.
  • Fume Hood Master Advanced- this includes AR Glasses and a Fog Pen in addition to the Basic equipment. This enables the expert in Wangen to see the situation on site through the glasses and to instruct and guide the laboratory staff accordingly. With the Fog Pen, air flows can be visualized to visually check the flow behavior of the fume cupboard.
  • Fume Hood Master Premium - in addition to the Advanced equipment, this version contains a measuring device with hot-wire anemometer and differential pressure sensor. With the help of the expert, the incoming airflow velocity can be measured and the air volume can be adjusted.

Please contact our consulting service for a customized offer and further information.

For on-site consultation, simply contact our Area Field Service Managers or our Service Managers at our worldwide locations. You can find their contact details here

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