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Waldner is your contact for the safe and long-term maintenance of laboratory furniture. Our trained service personnel will guarantee the professional implementation and optimum maintenance of your laboratory components. Our service technicians use only genuine spare parts when carrying out repairs.

Waldner – global service network for repairs

Waldner’s global service network offers you the option of having your laboratory furniture professionally repaired by our service personnel worldwide. We would be glad to offer you tailor-made general contracts for repairs. Simply contact our advisory team. We would be pleased to provide you with a tailor-made quotation for a general contract or for repair. Below are listed the optional services Waldner can offer. Our team of experts would be pleased to advise you in person.

Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards
Waldner undertakes repair work on all manufacturers’ laboratory fume cupboards

Waldner quickly and reliably undertakes repairs to your laboratory fume cupboards worldwide.

We can offer you and undertake repair services, such as the replacement of steel cables, toothed belts or glass doors, quickly and professionally. Repairs are undertaken on a parts and labour basis. We would also be happy to repair other manufacturers’ laboratory fume cupboards as part of a maintenance contract.

Please contact our service team for tailor-made and professional advice. Below is an overview of the types of laboratory fume cupboards we are able to repair.

Repair – Types of fume cupboard

Waldner is able to repair the following laboratory fume cupboards:

  • Extract fume cupboards
  • Secuflow fume cupboards
  • Air supply fume cupboards
  • Filter fume cupboards
  • Radio-isotope fume cupboards
  • Special application fume cupboards with fume-scrubbers and neutramats
  • Mobile fume cupboards

Monitoring and control components

Waldner is able to undertake professional repairs on your monitoring and control components.

Our service technicians will reliably and quickly repair your components, including function displays, Airflow-Controllers and sash controllers.

Once again here we work with all manufacturers’ fume cupboards. Waldner will undertake the repair of your monitoring and control components on a parts and labour basis. Contact our advisory team for more information.

Bild: Monitoring and control components
Waldner. Professional and reliable repairs to your monitoring and control components

Repair – Monitoring and control components

Waldner is your service expert, even when it comes to challenging repair and replacement work to your monitoring and control components. We can offer you:

  • Repair of function displays or Airflow-Controllers, for instance replacement of boards or sensors 
  • Repair of sash controllers, for instance replacement of motion sensors or light barriers
  • Repair of group controllers, including replacement of boards 
  • Repair of air supply and extract air controllers, including replacement of servo motors 

Safety cabinets

Bild: Safety cabinets
Waldner. Fast and reliable repair of your safety cabinets in the laboratory

Waldner is your service expert for repairs to safety barriers.

Our service technicians will quickly and reliably repair your safety cabinets in the lab. Our global network also guarantees the replacement of components with genuine spare parts.

We offer in-depth advice by our service team in advance. Simply contact our advisers in person. We look forward to assisting you with our repair service.

Repair – Safety cabinets

Waldner offers a range of repairs to your safety cabinets in situ in the laboratory, including:

  • Replacement of soldered connections
  • Replacement of fire dampers
  • Replacement of door locks
  • Replacement of insulated joints
  • ...

Mechanical services lines and fittings

We offer professional repairs to your Waldner mechanical services components.

We have also specialised in the repair and replacement of components in situ in the laboratory in the mechanical services sector as well. Our mechanical services fitters can carry out professional repairs to Waldner fittings and mechanical services lines.

Our service technicians exclusively work with genuine spare parts. We also offer general contracts for repairs to mechanical services lines. Please get in touch with us as we’d be happy to advise.

Bild: Mechanical services lines and fittings
We offer professional repairs to your Waldner mechanical services components.

Repair – Waldner mechanical services lines and fittings

Waldner can provide the following mechanical services repairs:

  • Location and repair of leaks and other faults on Waldner fittings and Waldner mechanical services lines
  • Repair and replacement of Waldner mechanical services components

Other repairs

Bild: Other repairs
Waldner. Full repair service for your laboratory furniture

Waldner also carries out repairs to laboratory furniture and lab benches.

As a service provider, we offer you comprehensive advice and a full repair service for your laboratory. And, in the event of damage to your laboratory furniture, we will quickly and professionally replace drawers, doors and worktops.

Our services here are also provided on a parts and labour basis. Do not hesitate to contact us in person for more information on spare parts and repairs to your laboratory furniture.

Other repairs

  • Repairs to laboratory furniture and laboratory benches
  • Replacement of individual parts

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