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Waldner offers a professional room dimensional survey whether moving in, converting or relocating laboratory equipment. As a strong service provider for all things laboratories, Waldner guarantees a smooth and comfortable coordination of construction processes through fast and exact 3D measurement.

Waldner - Your strong partner for 3D measurements

Waldner - digital spatial dimensional mapping with the new 3D Laser Scanner

The 3D laser scanner enables a fast, easy and exact measurement of rooms through real-time scans in very short time. What used to take several hours is now done within minutes. The data is displayed on the tablet with high resolution in a full color 3D model. All measurements using the 3D Laser Scanner can be recorded and recalled any time.

Waldner. Digital spatial measurement with the 3D Laser Scanner

The data can be opened, edited and managed in CAD programs such as AutoCAD or Revit. In these models sanitation pipes, connections, as well as ventilation can be recognized and information reviewed any time. These 3D models can be integrated in revision documents and used to document construction progress. This enables a detailed insight into the construction plan any time.

The time for room measurements is extremely reduced and the planning is optimized thanks to the exact 3D models. Thus, processing times can be optimized and costs reduced. Waldner provides you with fast and smooth coordination.

3D Laser Scanner
3D Laser Scanner
Room Scan
Room Scan

Learn more about the technical details and possible applications of the scanner in the following.

3D Laser Scanner - Measurement

The measurement with the 3D Laser Scanner can be done in five easy steps, this leads to an efficient and fast process:

  • Positioning of the scanner in room
  • Scan of the room (duration approx. 5 minutes)
  • One or more scans per room as required
  • After the scan all measurements are available in 3D images on the tablet
  • In a suitable software the data can be immediately processed, modeled and managed
  • The dimensions are now available at any time 

3D Laser Scanner - Technical data

  • Scanning in high resolution
  • A scan can be made in less than 3 minutes (standard resolution)
  • 360,000 laser scanning points / sec.
  • Range 60m

For more information please contact our technical department. We will be happy to advise with assembly, disassembly and conversions for optimum support.

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